Volunteers are an essential part of the Niskayuna Soccer Club. As a non-profit organization, the NSC relies on your assistance in order to keep fees low, run the organization smoothly, and build the development of our players. This commitment is critical for the club to function, and promotes a sense of fellowship, sportsmanship, and enjoyment. 

At a mininimum, all families are expected to volunteer at the annual tournament. Beyond that, families are also asked to sign up for other non-tournament volunteer positions which require varying degrees of time, effort, enthusiasm and experience during the season. Each parent who offers his or her time and effort to support Niskayuna Soccer sets an example of leadership and sends a message to his or her child that Club soccer is not just a game, but rather a family-involved community organization.

Volunteer Positions

Equipment & Facilities Committee: Assist in Field Day (the preparation of outdoor playing fields, assembling/disassembling goals, cleanup, etc.) and the storage of the equipment in the clubhouse.

Finance & Fundraising Committee:  Attend NSC Board Finance Committee meetings and help organize and facilitate fundraising and other finance-related activities.

Marketing & Communications Committee:  Attend NSC Board Communications Committee meetings and help organize and facilitate communications via email, website, and social media regarding recruitment, club events, surveys, and other club activities.

Team Board Representative: Liaise with parents and bring any team or club issues to the NSC Board. Represent the team at monthly NSC board meetings and participate in decisions as a voting member. 

Tournament Committee: Attend tournament meetings and assist in the planning and running of the Niskayuna Soccer Classic. Serving in this position satisfies the family volunteer contribution for the Niskayuna Soccer Classic tournament. The NSC Board, with the Tournament Director’s input, will determine whether responsibilities were met in regards to satisfying the tournament contribution.

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