The following summarizes information contained in the bylaws of the Niskayuna Soccer Club. More detailed information, including explanation on the composition of each committee, can be found in the bylaws.

Committee Responsibilities

Executive Committee:
Chaired by the Board President, the Executive Committee makes recommendations to the Board of Directors and other committees of the Board regarding policy and operation of the club and sets the calendar and agenda for Board Meetings and club activities. Between regular meetings of the Board of Directors when the Board or its other Committees cannot meet to address urgent matters, the Executive Committee may act and excercise powers in the best interests of NSC.

Finance & Fundraising Committee:
Chaired by the Board Treasurer, the Finance & Fundraising Committee regularly makes recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding the long-range plan for the financial health of the NSC. This committee supervises all the property and funds of the Corporation; directs the investment, reinvestment, and selling of any securities; reports at each regular meeting of the Board of Directors concerning all financial transactions; provide materials regarding the financial status of the club, including those related to financial audits that may be required. In addition, the committee is responsible for presenting an annual budget, to see that proper insurance is purchased, and to coordinate fundraising.

Marketing & Communications Committee:
Assists the NSC by managing publicity and communications to inform its members of club activities, to solicit and receive periodic feedback to improve club operations, to increase the club’s exposure for purposes of recruitment and outreach in the community, and to cultivate volunteers and connections for the Board and other club positions.

Tournament Committee:
Chaired by the Tournament Director and composed of representatives from each and every team in the club, the committee is responsible for the coordination of all tournament activities in collaboration with the NSC Board.

Equipment & Facilities Committee:
Responsible for the storage, care, distribution and collection of the equipment owned by NSC along with reporting to the Board of Directors on the inventory, needs, and the condition of the equipment owned. The committee develops and oversees the short and long-range plans for field usage in concert with the Town of Niskayuna and/or Niskayuna Central School representatives, as required, and also works with the Competition Committee and the CDYSL Representative to coordinate field usage for league and other play.

Coaching & Competition Committee:
Develop policies and guidelines concerning all tryout, team selection, team composition, and roster size matters. Appoint and oversee head coaches, assistant coaches, trainers, and any other supervisors necessary for the coaching and managing of the teams. The committee shall select head coaches for the teams by a majority vote of the committee members.

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