The Niskayuna Soccer Club is committed to keeping costs manageable for families. The following types of fees are incurred by families during the season:

  • Club Registration Fees, which may include applicable discounts. Club registration fees are subject to the Past Due Registration Fee Policy and Player Withdrawal & Refund Policy
  • Team Fees
  • Individual Fees

Club Registration Fees

Club Registration Fees are paid directly to the NSC and cover various expenses such as:

  • Team practices 2x a week in Fall and Spring (outdoor), and 1x a week in Winter (indoor)
  • 25 training sessions (1x a week) with Beestera (Boys and U8)
  • 25 training sessions (1x a week) with Beestera/Bryce Colby – Niskayuna Varsity Girls Soccer Coach (Girls)
  • Coaching and training fees
  • Indoor practice field rentals
  • Spring outdoor CDYSL league (registrations, refereeing fees, player insurance, etc.)
  • Outdoor field maintenance and equipment
  • Participation in the Niskayuna Soccer Classic outdoor tournament
Age GroupSept-OctNov-JuneWeekly $ (36 wks)Monthly $ (10 mos)
U10 & Up$250$850$30.56$110.00

Individual Fees

​Individual Fees are expenses that are in addition to Club Registration Fees and Team Fees and are paid directly to the supplier/provider.

Examples may include:

  • Uniform (Approximately $75, not purchased every year. Refer to Uniforms for additional information)
  • Indoor facility’s annual membership fee
  • Personal soccer equipment (e.g. shoes, shin guards)
  • Additional camps, clinics, or academies offered to players (At family’s discretion; Amount communicated at the time of offering)

Team Fees

Team Fees are expenses for any team activities that coaches and families decide to participate in during the season. Team Fees vary by team and are paid directly to the Team Treasurer.

Examples may include:

  • Indoor and outdoor tournaments
  • Team-building events
  • Additional team-specific apparel
  • Coaches’ travel expenses for overnight tournaments (if applicable)

At the start of every season, the coach will estimate the team fee for each player and ask each family to pay the per-player amount to the Team Treasurer.

Families always have the option to make their own decision about participation in each team activity, keeping in mind that non-participation in certain activities may prevent the team from developing.

At the conclusion of each season, the coach and Team Treasurer will calculate the final amount per player based on actual participation and will collect additional fees or provide refunds to each family. Note: players who do not attend after committing to an activity (e.g. not showing up for an indoor game or dropping out of tournament) will not receive any refund, full or partial, for that activity.

For additional questions or information regarding Team Fees, please contact the coach of the appropriate age group.


Assistant Coach Volunteer: Refer to the Volunteer page for additional information.

NSC Scholarship: The goal of the NSC scholarship program is to make soccer available to youth players, regardless of financial status. Each year, the club offers up to five (5) $200 individual player scholarships. All applicants and applications will be kept confidential and will only be reviewed by the Board of Directors.

The following criteria must be met to qualify for a scholarship:

  • The family gross income must be below $70,000
  • Factors such as unemployment or other hardships will be considered.

The following procedure will be used for applying for and approving a scholarship:

  • The player’s family must complete the NSC Scholarship Application and return it to the NSC Registrar (contact information for the Registrar is found under Board of Directors).
  • A majority vote by board members (a minimum of three voting members must vote) is required for approval. 
  • The scholarship credit will be applied to the player’s registration at the time of approval.

Past Due Registration Policy

Past Due Registration Fees for Current Season: All balances must be paid in full by January 15th. If a player’s account has not been paid by January 15th, the NSC Treasurer will confidentially notify the family and coach that the player is ineligible. Ineligible players cannot attend club practices/games until the account is paid in full.

Past Due Registration Fees from Previous Seasons: Any registrant with an outstanding balance from a previous season will NOT be allowed to register, tryout, or practice for the new season. The account will be suspended until balance is paid in full.

Player Withdrawal & Refund Policy

Registration Fee: A player may withdraw before November 1st and receive a refund of the amount paid less a $50 administration fee. To withdraw, a player’s family must notify any of the Board of Directors in writing (email preferred). After November 1st, exceptions will be only considered on a case-by-case basis (e.g. injury, illness, moving out of the area). If a registered player leaves for another local soccer club, the NSC will NOT release the player, and the player will NOT be eligible to play during the current CDYSL season.

Additional camps, clinics, or academies offered by the NSC: No refunds are provided.

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