Soccer skills you can practice at home

Our coaches have supplied links to a few videos to show you some skills and drills you can practice at home, either in the house (on rainy days) or in the yard!

Ball skills for single player
Fast Footwork  – 8 footwork skills in one video (8:04)
Indoor Training Drills – Quick feet Drills 1 – presented by Simply Soccer (6:29)

Here’s a set of ball mastery videos from Coerver Academy. Players can spend time working each week on a set of skills below. Try and practice each skill demonstrated in a video for a week. Then move to the next set following week.

Coerver Academy Training Week 1
Coerver Academy Training Week 2
Coerver Academy Training Week 3

Juggling a Soccer Ball for Beginners  – presented by SOCCSTER (4:01)
How To Juggle A Soccer Ball – “From 5 to 500” – presented by Progressive Soccer (4:05)

Backyard Training
Soccer Drills for Kids  – presented by Simply Soccer (13:00)
Training Session with Just a Ball  – presented by 7MLC Training – Michael Lewis Cunningham (11:27)

Major League Soccer Training Videos
Train with MLS  – MLS has collected the best at-home training drills to get you ready to dominate when we all get back on the field.
Other at-home workouts that fans can follow  – presented by FC Cincinnati and Columbus Crew

Fun Stuff
Most Humiliating Goals Ever
Top 10 Open Goal Misses of All Time
20 of the Greatest Women’s Soccer Goals

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