Annual Meeting

The NSC annual meeting was Tuesday, June 8, at 6:00 PM in the pavilion at the Zenner Road soccer fields.

Thank you to the small group of parents who attended the meeting.

The following are the positions that were voted on, and a brief summary of the responsibilities.



  • Coordinate and supervise the administration of the Club
  • Chair the Board of Directors
  • Execute documents on behalf of the Club
  • Recommend appointments to committees
  • Discharge the responsibilities of the Board

1st Vice President

  • Responsible for duties of President if the President is absent for any reason
  • Special projects

2nd Vice President

  • Special projects
  • Assist in duties and responsibilities as may be assigned by the President or Board


  • Take accurate notes/minutes at Board meetings
  • Distribute minutes to Board prior to next meeting

Treasurer & Assistant Treasurer

  • Responsible for Club funds
  • Maintain records of all receipts, deposits, disbursements, transactions, etc.
  • Report to Board current status of books
  • Assist with fundraising

Registrar & Assistant Registrar

  • Coordinate Club registration
  • Maintain and keep accurate records of team rosters
  • Submit rosters to CDYSL

Tournament Director

  • With the support of the Board, help form a tournament committee and oversee the general operations of the Niskayuna Soccer Classic, including sponsorships, scheduling, registration, referees, vendors, volunteers, etc.

Field & Equipment Manager(s)

  • Oversee the maintenance, repair, inventory, storage and cleaning of equipment, and overall field conditions
  • Organize volunteers to assist in Spring and Fall Field Days to help prepare fields & equipment for the outdoor season, organize and store materials at the end of the season

CDYSL Representative

  • As a representative of the NSC, attend monthly Capital District Youth Soccer League (CDYSL) meetings and report to the Club’s Board of Directors

Positions are open to anyone (age 18+) that are interested in developing and encouraging the programs and activities of the Niskayuna Soccer Club.

Each position has a term that lasts for 1 year, from July 1st through the end of the subsequent Club season.

Voting was open to all “Voting Members” of the Club – each parent or legal guardian listed on a player’s registration form, all coaches, assistant coaches, trainers, and any elected or appointed members of the Board.

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